Become a Microsoft Office pro with this training certification bundle

Bolster your resume by learning all things Microsoft Office. Image: StackCommerce If you were to survey 1,000 people about the skills listed on their resumes, you could make a safe bet that Microsoft Office would be on the vast majority of them. Microsoft Office software is practically ubiquitous in the modern business world, and virtually

Distributed Parallel Training — Model Parallel Training | by Luhui Hu | Sep, 2022

Distributed model parallel training for large models in PyTorch Photo by Daniela Cuevas on Unsplash Recent years have seen an exponential increase in the scale of deep learning models and the challenge of distributed parallel training. For example, the famous GPT-3 has 175 billion parameters and 96 attention layers with a 3.2 M batch size

Design thinking for training and development done right

In business, we understand that the customer experience is crucial to success. Keeping customers happy means thinking about our interactions from their perspective and designing an experience that meets their needs—and ensures they’ll come back. Approaching our processes this way is called “design thinking,” and it’s not just for customer-facing processes. Design thinking can also