AutoRabit launches devsecops tool for Salesforce environments

Devsecops firm AutoRabit is trying to address security issues arising from policy changes and misconfigurations in Salesforce environments with a new offering, CodeScan Shield. CodeScan Shield is the next iteration of AutoRabit’s static code analysis tool, CodeScan, and elevates the capabilities of CodeScan with the help of a new module called OrgScan.  The new module

How to deploy the Malcolm network traffic analysis tool with Ubuntu Server 22.04

Jack Wallen walks you through the steps of deploying a powerful, easy-to-use network analysis tool on Ubuntu Server 22.04. Image: Gorodenkoff/Adobe Stock Malcolm is an open-source network traffic analysis tool that uses a framework of tools to create a robust analysis tool for network admins. Malcolm accepts network traffic data in the form of PCAP

US Police Deployed Obscure Smartphone Tracking Tool With No Warrants

Various law enforcement agencies in Southern California and North Carolina have deployed an obscure cellphone tracking tool dubbed ‘Fog Reveal,’ sometimes without search warrants, a new investigation by the Associated Press (AP) has revealed. The tool gave police offers the ability to search billions of records from 250 million mobile devices and harness the ensuing data

True crime shows might be the biggest educational tool for cybercrime awareness

A survey of U.S. and UK residents conducted by Censuswide and commissioned by identity verification vendor Onfido released today said that popular culture – specifically, true-crime shows and movies – are having an outsized effect on the public’s understanding of cybercrime. Two out of three survey respondents said that shows like Inventing Anna and documentaries

Threat Actor Deploys Raven Storm Tool to Perform DDoS Attacks

The threat actor dubbed ‘Mysterious Team’ has used the Raven Storm tool to conduct distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against multiple targets. The news comes from CloudSEK, who detailed the new threat in an advisory on Sunday. “[Our] contextual AI digital risk platform XVigil discovered a post by the Mysterious Team announcing the use of the

How to deploy the Adminer database admin tool on Ubuntu Server 22.04

If you’re looking for a simple-to-use web-based GUI for administering your relational and NoSQL databases, Jack Wallen may have what you’re looking for in Adminer. Image: monsitj/Adobe Stock If you’re a fan of phpMyAdmin, you know how easy that platform makes managing relational databases. But what if you need to manage more than one type