New Spear Phish Methodology Relies on PuTTY SSH Client to Infect Systems

Hackers associated with North Korea are using trojanized versions of the PuTTY SSH open-source terminal emulator to install backdoors on victims’ devices. Discovered by Mandiant, the threat actor responsible for this campaign would be ‘UNC4034’ (also known as Temp.Hermit or Labyrinth Chollima). “Mandiant identified several overlaps between UNC4034 and threat clusters we suspect have a North

Uber investigating security breach of several internal systems

Image: Adobe Stock Must-read security coverage Ride-sharing company Uber suffered a security breach Thursday, Aug. 15, that forced the company to shut down several internal communications and engineering systems. The company confirmed the incidents in a Twitter post, saying officials have been in touch with law enforcement, and The New York Times reported that a

Notepad++ Plugins Allow Attackers to Infiltrate Systems, Achieve Persistence

Threat actors may abuse Notepad++ plugins to circumvent security mechanisms and achieve persistence on their victim machine, new research from security company Cybereason suggests. “Using an open–source project, Notepad++ Plugin Pack, a security researcher that goes by the name RastaMouse was able to demonstrate how to build a malicious plugin that can be used as

The case for composite systems. Are AI systems stronger together? | by Ria Cheruvu | Sep, 2022

Are AI systems stronger together? Photo by Karl Abuid on Unsplash The press’ opinions didn’t make sense. I stared at my screen in confusion, scrolling through a page of run-off sentences and not-so-subtle advertisements from the most popular news articles in 2020: phrases like “Some have already.”, “Watch the latest episode here…”, and “Hollywood heartthrob”.

Nvidia partners with Dell and VMware for faster AI systems

Nvidia is starting to strike deals normally reserved for CPU vendors. At the VMware Explore conference today, it announced a new data-center solution with Dell Technologies designed to bring AI training in a zero-trust security environment. The solution combines Dell PowerEdge servers with Nvidia’s BlueField DPUs, GPUs, and AI Enterprise software, and is optimized for

Baker & Taylor’s Systems Remain Offline a Week After Ransomware Attack

A server outage has impacted library services company Baker & Taylor’s systems and applications, said the firm on Twitter on August 23, 2022. A day later, the firm confirmed it engaged outside third-party experts to fix the issue. Baker & Taylor’s systems remained offline the following week, and on Monday, the company made an announcement on its website,

Luckymouse Uses Compromised MiMi Chat App to Target Windows and Linux Systems

The threat actor Luckymouse (also known as Emissary Panda, APT27, Bronze Union and Iron Tiger) used a trojanized version of the cross-platform messaging app MiMi to backdoor devices across Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. The news comes from two different security reports, respectively published by SEKOIA and Trend Micro over the weekend. After modifying installer

Dark Utilities C2 as a service tool leverages IPFS, targets several operating systems

A new command and control as a service allows cybercriminals to easily control victims’ computers and run cryptocurrency mining, DDoS attacks and provide full access to the systems. Image: Adobe Stock Some highly skilled cybercriminals have decided to produce different services that they sell to lower-skilled peers. Opening the door for entry-level cybercriminals to successfully