New Spear Phish Methodology Relies on PuTTY SSH Client to Infect Systems

Hackers associated with North Korea are using trojanized versions of the PuTTY SSH open-source terminal emulator to install backdoors on victims’ devices. Discovered by Mandiant, the threat actor┬áresponsible for this campaign would be ‘UNC4034’ (also known as Temp.Hermit or Labyrinth Chollima). “Mandiant identified several overlaps between UNC4034 and threat clusters we suspect have a North

Over 60% of Organizations Expose SSH to the Internet

A majority of global organizations are exposing sensitive and insecure protocols to the public internet, potentially increasing their attack surface, according to ExtraHop. The vendor analyzed a range of enterprise IT environments to benchmark cybersecurity posture based on open ports and sensitive protocol exposure. It found that 64% of those studied have at least one