U.S. government issues guidance for developers to secure the software supply chain: Key takeaways

Software supply chain attacks are on the rise, as cited in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s (CNCF’s) Catalog of Supply Chain Compromises. Industry leaders such as the Google, Linux Foundation, OpenSSF, and public sector organizations such as NIST have provide guidance on the topic over the past year or so. The U.S. National Security Agency

Top Knowledge Management Software

A knowledge management tool enables us to share important information within a company or organization. When knowledge management is successful, it can facilitate faster information discovery for users, boosting productivity. In this blog, we will define knowledge management, talk about its significance, highlight the top knowledge management tools, and as well discuss the advantages of each.  The process of creating, disseminating, utilizing, and controlling an

10 Best Risk Management Software of 2022

Risk is defined as the likelihood of an event and its outcome. Most of the time, these risks are considered harmful elements. The categories of risks are:  Strategic Risk – Example: a new competitor entering the market.  Compliance and Regulatory Risk – Example: New government policies.  Financial Risk – Example: Rise of interest rate of loans. Financial risk

Regression Testing in Software Engineering: Tools & Examples

Regression Testing is software testing to ensure that a current program or code modification has not adversely impacted existing features. Regression Testing is a full or partial extract of already executed test cases re-executed to confirm that existing functionalities work fine.  This testing ensures that new code changes do not affect the existing functionalities. It

New Sysdig cloud security software prioritizes risk, cuts remediation time

Unified container and cloud security firm Sysdig on Wednesday launched its cloud security posture management (CSPM) offering, which aggregates security findings by root cause and prioritizes remediation based on impact. The new offering consists of  ToDo, an actionable checklist showing prioritized risks, and Remediation Guru, which offers guided remediation at the source.  “We consistently hear

Test Plan in Software Testing [Types, Steps to Create]

Software testing evaluates and demonstrates that a software product or function performs as intended. Software testing training has advantages such as preventing problems, lowering development costs, and improving performance. Test plans describe all the strategies, goals, timetable, estimation, deliverables, and resources needed to test a software product. The test plan, the method for building it, its goals,

Oracle vs Workday: A comparison of HR software

Learn how Oracle and Workday HR solutions compare, including a side-by-side feature comparison, pricing details and information about deployments. Image: Mongta Studio/Adobe Stock Workday and Oracle are highly-rated vendors of human resources software, and both companies offer robust solutions for managing a wide array of HR workflows and data. Find out how Workday HCM and