How To Improve Employee Retention

Increase Employee Engagement And Reduce Turnover Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing labor shortage, many organizations are struggling to find and retain talented employees. For job-seekers, this means new or better career opportunities. For businesses, this makes implementing new internal structures and initiatives an essential part of appealing to and maintaining these workers. While

Hybrid Employee Onboarding Program: 5 Tips

Top Tips And Strategies For Hybrid Onboarding An essential part of scaling a business is recruiting top talent. But you must also have an effective onboarding process to get maximum value from your recruitment efforts. Data suggests that improving the onboarding experience translates to increased retention, better engagement, and decreased time to proficiency. Onboarding new

Hackers Compromise Employee Data at PVC-Maker Eurocell

A leading British PVC manufacturer has been contacting current and former employees to inform them about a “substantial” data breach, according to a law firm. Derbyshire-based Eurocell, which also operates as a distributor of UPVC windows, doors and roofing products, revealed the news in a letter to those affected, according to data protection law specialist Hayes

How To Drive Employee Skill Development

Why Is There A Need To Review Employee Skill Development Programs? In today’s business world, the most important skills employers should seek and develop in employees are problem-solving, critical thinking, digital literacy, learning, and adaptability. Unfortunately, most training programs are designed from the top down with little consideration of real-world employee skill development needs—as the

Analyzing Employee Attrition in Healthcare Data and Predicting Outcomes | by Sadrach Pierre, Ph.D. | Sep, 2022

Using Visualizations and Tree-Base Models to Analyze and Predict Outcomes Image by Pixabay on Pexels Many of the causes of healthcare worker attrition are related to the stressful nature of the healthcare work industry. Many employees work long hours and often experience high burnout. Employee attrition in healthcare is an issue because it exacerbates the