Exploratory Data Analysis of Zomato Bangalore Restaurants –

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon. Introduction With the rise of meal delivery services, everyone can now enjoy their favorite restaurant food from the comfort of their own home. Giant food aggrega wide variety is exponentially increasing each day. The goal of this article and its content is to comprehend

Active vs Passive Data Governance: Key Comparisons

Is it better to monitor for quality or detect problems? It depends. Here’s how to choose between active and passive data governance. Image: Friends Stock/Adobe Stock The goal of data governance is to enable data operations that can help deliver great business value while simultaneously supporting data quality, security, compliance and privacy. To achieve these

Avoid These 5 Programming Mistakes as a Data Scientist/Analyst | by Anmol Tomar | Sep, 2022

Steps to increase your productivity as a Data Scientist Pic Credit: Unsplash In my current role as Data Science Manager, I work with multiple data scientists and I have seen many of them committing some fundamental data manipulation mistakes while working on big data (I also used to commit some of these mistakes!). These mistakes

A guide for entertainment companies adopting data governance

Image: MACLEG/Adobe Stock On April 19, 2022, Business Insider reported that for the first time in over a decade, Netflix lost 200,000 subscribers and was expected to lose 2 million more in the following months. On February 7, CNBC reported that the co-producer of “The Matrix Resurrections” filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros for an

Fine-Tuning HuBERT for Emotion Recognition in Custom Audio Data Using Huggingface | by Dr. Varshita Sher | Sep, 2022

DEEP LEARNING — NLP FOR AUDIO Building custom data loader, experiment logging, tips for improving metrics, and GitHub repo if you’d like to follow along NLP for audio data is not getting enough recognition, compared to NLP for text and computer vision tasks. Time to change that! Emotion recognition — recognize whether spoken audio exhibits

How to address poor data quality in your organization

Image: Looker_Studio/Adobe Stock Must-read big data coverage Between responding to supply chain disruptions, pivoting in the economic slowdown, reacting to inflation, retaining and gaining new customers, and better managing inventories and production, data quality has never been so crucial for your business. In the digital age, data is a business’s most valuable resource. Data collection,

How to guide: Become a data steward

If you want to become a data steward, this data governance and data stewardship cheat sheet will help you lay the foundation for the career you want. Image: Julien Eichinger/Adobe Stock Data governance sets clear standards for data processing while improving the quality and consistency of company data. Though the best data governance programs include