KDnuggets Top Posts for August 2022: Free AI for Beginners Course

KDnuggets Top Posts for July 2022: Free AI for Beginners Course
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Happy halfway done September, everyone.

Looking back at August, the top post concerned a free artificial intelligence course for beginners. The post covers a course from Microsoft, and looks to be a great starting spot for starters. Check it out if you have not yet.

We also had popular posts in August on performing motion detection using Python, a complete data science study roadmap, and the most in-demand AI skills for 2022.

There were also 2 additional posts outlining free courses, a Python project coding course, and a series of 3 statistics courses.

Finally, there were a pair of posts that, collectively, outlined a collection of data science projects for practitioners to undertake to strengthen their portfolio.

Here’s the complete list of the top 8 posts on KDnuggets for the month of August. Note that all posts have been evaluated for total views in the first 14 days after initial publication.


  1. Free AI for Beginners Course by Matthew Mayo
  2. How to Perform Motion Detection Using Python by Vaishnavi Amira Yada
  3. The Complete Data Science Study Roadmap by Nisha Arya
  4. Free Python Project Coding Course by Matthew Mayo
  5. The Complete Collection of Data Science Projects – Part 2 by Abid Ali Awan
  6. Most In-demand Artificial Intelligence Skills To Learn In 2022 by Kanchanapally Swapnil Raju
  7. 3 Free Statistics Courses for Data Science by Natassha Selvaraj
  8. The Complete Collection of Data Science Projects – Part 1 by Abid Ali Awan


Talk to you next month!

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