The quality of the mentored learning session is excellent – Sarika Bhosale, PGP AIML

I am Solution Designer working in IT. Various OSS domains. Before joining the PGP-AIML Course, I was working as a Technical Lead & working on various OSS cots products such as Infosim Stablenet, BMC Remedy, EMC Smarts, Netcool, MyCom.

The biggest professional challenge before joining the PGP-AIML Course I was getting a very less salary as per my experience & market salary. This was my biggest challenge to get another job.

Currently, most of the Cots products are built-in AI/ML, and to understand that logic I was looking for some course that can help me to understand AI/ML. While searching on the internet, I came to know about Great Lakes. I found the course agenda & content good in Great lakes so decided to join this. 

We can do the online course while working as well, so it is good, but again we do not have any face-to-face interaction with any student who is doing a similar course. Again as this is online, if we face any issue in learning, then we don’t discuss it in the team as everyone will be at a different pace of learning.

If we talked about mitigation, I must say that Great lakes have already provided a Mentor session, which is good so that we can discuss our issues with the Mentor in that period.

I also wanted to thank Nikita, our batch’s Program Manager. I was not able to complete the given projects due to a lack of knowledge & practice but she motivated me to do this. She has provided enough time on this and also was checking if I am on track. Because of her motivation & supportive nature, I have completed my project. And now, I am very happy that I have gained a lot of knowledge while doing this project. My point is just to mention that the role of the Program Manager is also a very important part of such an online learning program

The Mentor sessions are very good & knowledgeable so far I have attended and helpful for understanding the concept if we have not understood from the online videos. The quality of the mentored learning session is excellent. Mentor Jayveer is very supportive and always tries to answer everyone’s queries. Also, when I could not understand the Neural network module initially, he helped me understand the concept in very layman’s language. 

From this newly learned skill set, I have learned AI/ML techniques which can be helpful in the future to understand any COTS products which are using AI/ML.

To the new learners, I would suggest that if anyone wants to make a career in Data scientist or analytics, then they should join Great lakes first so their base knowledge will be very clear so that they can use this knowledge to progress in the future as AI/ML is a boom in the industry. 

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