The course helped me in putting a structure to my views on AI and ML – Shiva S Tomar, PGP AIML

My name is Shiva S Tomar. I’m a Cloud Solution Architect with around 15 years of experience in the Industry. I have worked with companies like Oracle, SAS Institute, EY, and start-ups, and I am currently working with Microsoft. I help manage Microsoft’s customers and partners from a Technical and solutions standpoint. As an Architect, I help them transform their business by designing, developing deployment of Smart application development, and establishing Big Data Analytics & AI platform.

Before Joining PGP- AIML Course, I was playing the same role. However, this PGP course has helped me in streamlining my AI and ML experience and learning in a great way. Before joining this program, my biggest challenge was rearranging my experience in AI and ML, as it was mostly earned through piecemeal learning and crude experience of working on projects. The course helped me structure my views on AI and ML, which will help me explain the AI ML concepts to my customers better in the coming times. 

Today I see there is a horde running around trying to gain experience in the field of Big Data & Advanced Analytics (AI ML), and there are tons of courses available for free or paid, as this is the hottest skill area in the market from every angle. However, there are a few things every learner is looking for in these courses: 

  1. Completeness (course coverage)
  1. Learning concepts in Depth.
  2. Brand 
  3. Cost efficacy
  4. Faculty
  5. Duration
  6. Feasibility to pursue. 

Several courses by various institutes cover some points but not all. However, this course is designed so perfectly that it covers all aspects perfectly. 

I deliberately preferred an online medium due to multiple reasons. Gone are those days when companies were purely pestering for knowledge on a specialization from branded college and that too through a full-time course. Companies have grown smarter processes and means to find out how knowledgeable an individual is. 

  • People are pursuing courses that allow them to learn the skill at their own pace as they can then learn it with interest, and anything that is done with interest always turns out better than what you do under pressure or obligation. 
  • Also, these courses are preferred because people do not want to leave what they are doing currently. Maybe a job or learning something else parallelly.

Mentored learning sessions are extremely helpful for everyone. It adds perspectives and clarity to your thoughts and leaves no concern in your mind. It helps you in achieving your goal. Mentored learning sessions are of great quality. They are well thought out, planned, and backed by individuals with rich industry experience.  

It seems like the whole world wants to learn analytics, but still, there is a scarcity of people who can accomplish something worthwhile and do wonders. 

When learning analytics, you should try these three things consciously.

  1. Go deeper into concepts and find out how it works behind the scene. 
  2. Always try to understand whatever you learn using examples, so target at least 3 examples of each concept if not 5. 
  3. Analytics is all around you try to associate “everything you learn” with “everything you do”. This approach sounds a bit crazy and obsessive, but eventually, this will give you the way to explain the most complex scenarios in the most simplified manner. 

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