Why Upskilling in Data Vis Matters (& How to Get Started)

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The ability to gather, organize, and leverage large amounts of data has become a significant advantage to modern businesses. But for all its potential, big data is only as valuable as the actionable strategies it leads to. This gives data analysts and data scientists a unique problem to solve: How do you condense the information you collect and present it to decision-makers in a clear, concise, and memorable way? 

The answer to this question lies in the art of data visualization. 

Data visualization is the process of presenting data in a format that makes it easier to understand. It’s often used to show patterns or trends that would likely be overlooked when analyzing raw data. And by learning to tell stories through that data, you empower your team to:

  • Make improvements to your products or services
  • Build marketing strategies that lead to faster growth 
  • Create sales pipelines that improve your bottom line
  • Uncover new insights that would otherwise go unnoticed
  • Empower decision makers to take action quickly and with confidence

In short, the skill of taking raw data and translating it into a memorable story is a valuable asset to your org’s long-term growth. And yet, only a small percentage of data analysts/scientists know how to create visualizations without including their own blind spots or confirmation biases. 

Noah Iliinsky has spent the last 15+ years learning how data can help humans make decisions more efficiently and confidently. He’s used this knowledge to work with companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM, Qualtrics, Boeing, and more (he’s even done some work for the CIA, but you probably shouldn’t ask about it 😉). This August, he’ll be opening up an intimate cohort and presenting an online course, Effective and Efficient Data Visualization. 

This course consists of four sessions that take a deep dive into the four pillars of data visualization: 

  • Purpose (the “why”)
  • Content (the “what”)
  • Structure (the “how”)
  • Formatting (making everything else work well and look good)

Plus, unlike other online platforms, these sessions will give students the unique opportunity to work directly with the instructor, along with other top-tier data professionals. The goal is to help students upskill in data visualization while simultaneously growing their network of contacts. And since the course is fully accredited, most companies are able to foot the bill with their unused L&D budget. 

Click here to learn more about Noah Iliinsky’s upcoming course on data visualization. 

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